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Rise in youth hyperactivity prescriptions

Extract from the Independent:

The number of prescriptions for drugs to treat hyperactivity in children is on the rise, figures suggested today.

…Data obtained by the Conservatives found more than 420,000 prescriptions were written for under-16s in 2007 – up 33 per cent on 2005 figures. More than 40,000 prescriptions were also written for 16 to 18 year-olds, up 51 per cent since 2005.

In 2007, the NHS spent more than £17 million on the drugs….

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Effect of brainwaves on movement and peak performance

This scientific study proves and reinforces one of the training objectives in our Peak Performance for Sport training course:- the importance of being able to control beta brainwave production.  Note especially the sentence I have highlighted and put in bold text.


Study highlights effect of brain waves on human behaviour

Boosting a certain type of brain wave can slow people’s movements, UK researchers have discovered. The findings, published online by the journal Current Biology, offer the first direct evidence that brain waves can influence behaviour in otherwise healthy individuals. They could also lead to the development of new drugs for medical conditions characterised by either uncontrolled or slowed movements.

Different types of brain wave have different frequencies and different locations. In this study, the researchers investigated beta waves, which have a frequency of around 20 Hertz (Hz). Earlier studies have shown that beta waves are linked to sustained muscle activity, such as that employed when holding a book. Beta activity drops just before people initiate movement.

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Useful Links

Here are a few links which I think will be of interest to you.

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The Brain Training Company - Clay Shooting USA

The leading journal for those who enjoy sporting clays in the USA


The Brain Training Company - Trap Shooting USA

A high quality publication for trap shooters


And these are a few of my personal recommendations, non-brain related.  Simply individuals or companies who have provided an exceptionally high quality of service.

Trotter and Deane - The Brain Training Company

These guys do all my tailoring and clothing.
If you want the highest quality clothing, with the quality of traditional English tailoring, look no further.

BAM Creative

BAM Creative provides the best service as a photographer.
James did the photography at a very important event – my wedding! The photos are the best of any wedding photography service we have seen amongst friends and family.  I will be using James’s expertise again whenever the opportunity arises; be that in business or private life.

Your contact details

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Genesis PURE

On a recent trip to the USA I discovered a exciting new company with a range of nutrition products.  That company is called Genesis Pure.  I heard about the company through a friend who had experienced incredible benefit from using one of the products called GoYin.  Genesis Pure is one of the fastest growing companies due to it’s foundation with high quality products.  It also offers a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

To find out more about GenesisPure, please have a look at this webpage:

Genesis Pure

If you would then like to learn more, please contact me and we can discuss how this might help you.

Mental Training for Sporting Clays


Improve your concentration
Learn how to be totally focused
Control nerves in competition
Develop a powerful pre-shot mental routine
Shoot consistently at your best


“Henry Hopking’s training taught me a powerful mental routine and gave me the knowledge to understand how to control my brain states.  It is like a having a reset button I can use whenever I need to boost my concentration or control my nerves.  Thank you Henry for helping me to win Gold!”

Glenn Eller

Olympic Gold Medallist, Beijing 2008

"I have worked with Henry on my mental game for some time, and have 100% confidence in his knowledge and the support that he provides. He has been a great help both directly and remotely via the phone, and look forward to winning some more world titles with his assistance."

Ed Solomons

2014 World FITASC Champion

We’ve all experienced it – a missed target because of a momentary lapse in concentration. How can you control this, giving you the winning edge? This mental training for sporting clays is the most successful based on the results of clients…

2 Olympic Gold Medals
8 World Championship titles
9 European Championship titles
19 National / Open titles
(As of June 2015)

You can now learn how to control your brainwaves to ensure you have peak levels of concentration just when you need it. You are in control. You will learn a wide range of techniques, specific to your needs, to get to the optimal state of mind for each target. You will be learning from Henry Hopking, the coach who has trained more Olympic, World, European and National champions than any other mental coach.


Please visit this dedicated website for free training videos and more information…



“Henry Hopking is one of the world’s leading sports trainers.”

Financial Times

Henry and Gebben

“Henry, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the level of care you have. You are an awesome person and thank you for being a part of my World Championship!!  Henry helped me develop a powerful pre-shot mental routine. He has been like a dependable friend looking after my mental game. I learnt how to control my mental states for strong focus and concentration, regardless of the pressure.”

Gebben Miles

USA National Champion 2009, World FITASC Champion 2012, Nad Al Sheba Champion 2014

Trap / Skeet Shooting

– …do you know which state of mind you should be in while the others in the squad are shooting?
– Do you know what you should be doing five seconds before you call for the target?
– And what should you do in the 0.5 seconds before you call “Pull”?

There is a gear-shift of mental activity which you will learn to move between. This will ensure you are not wasting mental energy when you are not shooting. Amongst others, you will have two especially powerful techniques so you will not get nervous or distracted and importantly you will hit a peak of mental concentration just as you call for the target.


Glenn and Henry

“Henry Hopking’s coaching is without doubt the most powerful mental training system for target shooting”

Glenn Eller

Olympic Gold, Beijing 2008

Sporting / FITASC

In the Sporting or FITASC disciplines,

– …do you know exactly how you should use your brain when you have an opportunity to see and plan for the target presentation?
– Do you know what is the best thing to be doing between layouts or stands?
– How can you re-set yourself from a distraction, such as a series of “no-birds” or a noisy squad member and not get frustrated?
– Does the pressure of a perfect score on a stand or layout get to you?

Did you know that there is one mental level needed for the brain to plan the shot and another for when you see the target? Get this right and your shooting will feel effortless. Get it wrong and you will be over planning and mentally distracted.


“Henry’s brain training has helped my mind to be less cluttered when shooting, keeping me in a more peaceful, focused state of mind. I have also noticed that while shooting my vision is now quicker and my body works as it was engineered to work.”

Wendell Cherry

How can we help you?

The objective of the training is to ensure you shoot consistently at the best of your technical ability.  Mental training can only take you as far as your technical skills. However, can you perform at that peak level when it matters?  That is what you are going to achieve with this training

We are all different.  So your training will be tailored to you.  A pre-shot or mental routine which works for one person may very probably not work for someone else. Whilst general concepts can be successfully taught in a group / classroom environment, to really get a strong system for you 1:1 training is essential.

Depending on your technical ability there are different options available.  In an initial discussion we will evaluate and discuss which is most suitable for you.

If your averages are above 75% or 20/25, then you will best benefit from the three month coaching programme.  If you are lower than this level, a more introductory level of training might be more appropriate as you further refine your technical game.

Training prices start from £650

Coaching you for success…

From experience, the students who have gone on to achieve the most success from this training have all enrolled in our coaching programme.  It is one thing to be taught the necessary skills, but it is a big step to apply these successfully. So our main programme is a three month coaching programme, beginning with two days of intensive private training.

During the initial two days you will have a pre-shot routine and a mental skills system tailored for you.  It is then essential that you go away and practice these skills.  This is where the coaching comes into it’s own.  You will have full support and access of Henry Hopking for regular discussions as you refine your mental skills.  Guidance before competitions and evaluation afterwards is an important part.  We learn and build from your experiences. It typically takes 1 – 2 months to become comfortable with this new system, so three months of coaching support is including in your programme.

Top technical coaches typically charge at least £600 for a day, some much more.  How many days of lessons with a technical coach would you need to take you to the top of your game?  You would be spending many £1,000’s over time. For our coaching programme we have included 3 months of coaching support, your own brainwave training equipment and the private training days in a single all-inclusive package. This is an intensive programme, to keep you on track with making progress in sporting clays to reach your goals.

Articles from “Clay Shooting USA” and “Trap Shooting USA” Magazines

These articles are a few years old now, but the theory and testimonials remain…
(these are .pdf articles and will open in a new browser window)

“Learning to Control your Brainwaves”


“A Review of Brain Training”

(Please note the contact details mentioned in these articles are out of date)


What happens during my training or coaching?

During your training course you will have your brainwaves analysed so you can understand what your mental strengths and weaknesses are. We will look at your initial ability to both focus and relax.  Also in your brainwave assessment we will be able to see the impact of mental stress.

This is not meant to be a detailed lesson in neurology.  However it is important you understand the basis of the system and the different brainwave states.  After all, it will be you implementing this system on your own in competition, so you need to understand which technique to use in which situation – shoot-offs, delay, nerves, fatigue, or even managing with annoying people for example!

Then before even shooting and the distraction of targets you will have the basic structure of a mental system devised for you.

Only then do we go out and start to implement the basic format of your pre-shot routine.  Which ever option of training / coaching you attend, you will always be given enough tools for you to implement successfully.  There is no point in overloading you with too much on your training that you then can’t implement it.  Obviously longer training means we can go into more advanced skills.

There are four main areas of your mental system on which we will focus:

1) Pre-shot routine – in the five seconds before calling for the target.
2) Between stand / layout routine – what to do in the minutes before walking onto your stand / layout
3) Competition management – how to manage your mental states during a tournament. You can’t remain focused the entire time!
4) The 48 hour routine – what you do in the 48 hours prior to competing


“Since working with Henry,my performance and consistency have improved dramatically! Henry studies your own brainwave patterns and tailors an exact mental routine,specific to you. Using the methods I have been taught,I am now fully aware of how to mentally prepare and fully focus myself for each shot. It really has taken me to the next level. Without a doubt,Henry is the best kept secret of the shooting world!”

Wayne Martin

Brainwave Technology

On some of the training courses you will be provided with your own brainwave technology.  There are three components to this…

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) – This has been known in the past as “The Brain Buddy”.  This is a tool which can guide you to different mental states; be that for improved concentration or deep relaxation.  It is a portable device so it can travel with you.  This will be customised to your requirements.  Some people need to increase certain brainwaves and others need to reduce them.  It is finding and tuning to the optimal balance.  So this is very different to purchasing a device “off the shelf”. Everyone needs this customised to their brainwaves after an EEG assessment.

Basic EEG – EEG (electroencephalogram) is the technology for measuring brainwave activity – the electrical impulses pulsing through your neurons in your brain.  This technology has advanced considerably in the last ten years.  It is more portable and user friendly.  The purpose of this basic EEG system is for you to become more familiar with your own mental states.  You will be able to see basic feedback of your focus and relax levels.

Pro EEG – For more advanced training you will be provided with a more comprehensive EEG system.  You will be fully trained to be able to conduct your own neurofeedback at home.  The software enables you to customise screens and achieve different feedback depending on the advice provided in your training. This is a far more accurate and detailed EEG system than the basic system.




“I had previously been able to access a state of focus and concentration, but had lost the ability. Henry’s mental training taught me in a clear concise manner how to get back to that state of focus and concentration every time I shoot.” 

Andy Duffy

What Now?

The next stage is for you to contact us for an initial discussion using the form below (or email directly).  You will first need to provide details about your performance including averages. It would be useful to know who assists you on your technical coaching.  Also why you feel mental coaching is the next step for you. Perhaps you have some examples of recent situations.

After we have received this information we will then contact you to schedule an initial telephone discussion with Henry Hopking where more detailed questions can be asked.  This is to help advise you which programme is going to benefit you most.  And of course you will have questions to ask!



study shows exercise improves brain power

Physical exercise is usually associated with improved physical fitness.  However now there is proof that exercise will improve your mental fitness as well.

A recent study at the University of Calgary has show that those people who participate in light exercise are mentally fitter than those who do not exercise. The study was published in the journal, “Neurobiology of Aging”, and finds that physical fitness helps improve brain function because physical exercise benefits blood flow in the brain and, as a result, aids cognitive abilities.

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Some articles are in .pdf format and will open in a new window.

 Audio-Visual Stimulation

A brief introduction to light and sound (102 kb)

Time Flashes – a history of AVE (107 kb)

Audio visual stimulation and brain growth (102 kb)

AVE and depression (329 kb)

A seven part series of research articles on AVE

Part 1 – Physiology and clinical applications of AVE (1,623 kb)

Part 2 – AVE and dental studies (379 kb)

Part 3 – AVE for attention and learning (894 kb)

Part 4 – AVE for Seasonal Affective Disorder (282 kb)

Part 5 – AVE and affective disorders (419 kb)

Part 6 – AVE and seniors issues (428 kb)

Part 7 – AVE and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (1003 kb)

Learning Difficulties and Benhavioural Problems

Academic Performance Enhancement (896 kb)

Audio visual entrainment for ADD (894 kb)

Henry Hopking

Henry HopkingHenry Hopking is the founder of The Brain Training Company and developer of the Brainwave Conditioning System™. He is a leading authority on mental fitness training and is an advisor to high performance individuals, corporations and top sports personalities. His clients have gone on to achieve great success in their respective fields.

Henry has won titles in various mind sports, with a Silver Medal in the World Championships for Creative Thinking and a Bronze Medal in the Speed Reading World Championships.

His sports clients have won more than 30 major international titles, including two Olympic Gold Medals (Sydney 2000 & Beijing 2008). Beyond his sport clients, Henry works with top executives from many Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 companies, entrepreneurs and also with high-profile personalities.

Henry is regularly interviewed or quoted in the media on issued relating to human performance and mental fitness. As well as the printed media, he also features on BBC TV news and has a regular programme on BBC Radio.

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