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Brainwave control

This is one of my favourite videos showing brainwave control. It is old EEG technology, but proves the point that you can learn to control your brainwave activity.

Watch the first two minutes to understand what the lights are showing and then see how he stops his brainwave activity.

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Glenn Eller

“Henry Hopking’s coaching is without doubt the most powerful mental training system for target shooting”

Sven Goran Eriksson

“Considering top players today, there is very little difference in talent or training intensity. It’s the difference in mental capacities that will determine who the real winners are.”

Wayne Martin

“Since working with Henry,my performance and consistency have improved dramatically! Henry studies your own brainwave patterns and tailors an exact mental routine,specific to you. Using the methods I have been taught,I am now fully aware of how to mentally prepare and fully focus myself for each shot. It really has taken me to the next level. Without a doubt,Henry is the best kept secret of the shooting world!”

Ed Solomons

“I have worked with Henry on my mental game for some time, and have 100% confidence in his knowledge and the support that he provides. He has been a great help both directly and remotely via the phone, and look forward to winning some more world titles with his assistance.”

Peer Iuel

“The most positive thing for me is huge strides I have taken in terms of my mental management.  I seem to be able to control the nerves much better and have eliminated -ve thoughts creeping in…thanks to Henry Hopking and his “Peak Performance” training programme!”