Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Mental Training for Golf


Does your mental game cost you shots?
Would you like a quiet mind at key moments?
Can you focus when the pressure is on?

It is often said that golf is predominately a mental game.  If this is the case, what are you doing to improve this aspect of your game? You have probably heard or read about the benefits of positive self-talk or visualisation, but that alone is not sufficient.

You can learn to control your mental states and how to achieve a quiet mind with total focus.

With this training you will learn:

– How to quieten any intrusive thoughts
– To have total focus when under pressure
– How to play to your best, consistently.
– The best pre-shot routine, suited to you.

Golf TrainingThe key behind all this is learning to control your brainwave activity. Nerves and pressure result in a feeling of mind-chatter, caused by your faster brainwaves dominating.  Lapses in concentration can be caused by an increase in slower brainwave activity.  Total focus with a quiet mind requires control of the middle brainwave frequencies.

You have probably achieved this before, sometimes called “The Zone”, but frustratingly you don’t know how to control this.

This training teaches you how to access the optimal states for focus and concentration on demand.  You will have a pre-shot routine built tailored just to you.  There is no one blue-print that suits everyone.

photo 4Henry Hopking has been coaching pro and amateur golfers improve their mental game for over a decade.  He has built strong relationships with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Mastering your mental game is not a quick fix (sorry!).  Also this training is not the total solution to all mental issues in the game (sorry, again!). But you can learn to control your focus on demand and build consistency into your game.

If you feel that your focus and concentration is costing you shots, then this coaching is for you.

Depending on your training options, this is what you will get:

– Private 1:1 coaching with Henry Hopking
– A pre-shot routine to control your mental states
– Brainwave technology to continue your training at home
– Coaching support to ensure your success.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Mental Training in Florida

Florida brain trainingWill 2014 be your best year ever?

Would you like to boost your mental performance?

You can improve your memory or develop strong focus in your sport.

Is it time for a mental tune up?

At this time of year many people just focus on the remaining weeks of the year and then Christmas.  Typically there is not much forward planning or goal setting happening for 2014 at the moment.  But if you want next year to be your most successful year, you need to start planning now!

Wouldn’t it be great to work on improving your mental performance whilst enjoying the sunshine?  In England at the moment the days seem short and the temperature has really dropped.  So at this time of year I like to head to Florida.

Mental fitness courses will be available during December and again in January.  There will be a limited few places in coaching programmes and regular training courses will be available. (training vs coaching)

This is a perfect time for new students to begin their mental training or past students to brush up on their mental skills and move onto an advanced level of training.

Executive Training

brainAre you a busy executive and feel you could achieve so much more with improved mental skills?  Would you like a better memory, with key facts easily recalled?  Or what if you could read three times faster while retaining more information?  And sometimes we just need to learn how to control our stress levels.

You will learn how to control your brainwave activity for peak mental performance.  You will be provided with your own brainwave technology to continue your brain training at home after the training.  Maybe we’ll see you at the World Memory Championships next year..,!

The popular “Mind Maximiser” training for executives will be available as a “Training only” course.

Private training is available from $2,000

If you want to maximise your intellectual and physical efficiency then Henry Hopking is your man. Henry knows more about liberating mental excellence in individuals
then anyone else I know.

Dominic O’Brien – Eight Times World Memory Champion.

 Sports Training

GlennTo compete at the highest level in your sport you need a solid mental game. You would like to develop better levels of focus and concentration?  Can you reduce stress and control your mental states on demand?  Would you like a mental programme which is designed just for you?

You can attend either a one or two day private training course based on the successful Get The Mental Edge programme.

Private training is available from $1,000

“Henry Hopking gave me all the skills I needed to control my concentration helping me to win this Gold Medal.”
– Glenn Eller – Olympic Gold, Double Trap, Beijing 2008

 Dates / Location

The training location will be focused in the Vero Beach area, but other location in Florida can be available after discussion (Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Beach)

Training days are available between:
6th – 17th December 2013
14th – 31st January 2014

(possibly again in February but TBC)

How do I book a course?

The first thing you need to do is contact us to schedule a phone call.  During this call we can discuss with you which format of training is going to be of most benefit to you.  We will then discuss which dates are still available.

Contact us now and make 2014 your most successful year

Team 2014

Make 2014 a winning year
Make 2014 a winning year

Make 2014 your most successful year

Would you like to take your mental performance to a higher level?

What if you had a personal coach supporting you 100% to ensure your success?

During 2014 I will be coaching a select group of eight athletes helping them achieve greater success through improved mental performance.  For the 2014 season my personal coaching will only be available to a limited group of people, who are prepared to work hard.  All other courses will then only be available in a “training only” format.

Henry Hopking is one of the world’s leading sports trainers.” – Financial Times

What’s included in this high performance coaching programme?

If you are a new to The Brain Training Company, the first stage will be your personal two day training course.  This will be scheduled for either December 2013 or January 2014.  You must be able to attend training in either the UK or USA.  For previous students, you will be invited to attend an initial one day training course in advanced skills at a similar time.

Initial training (two days for new students, one day for previous students)
Brain Buddy AVE equipment customised to your training goals
EEG equipment – brainwave measuring and training equipment
10 months of personal coaching*, including weekly email / phone training sessions (planning, goals, insider knowledge providing additional training resources etc)
Support at tournaments (Henry Hopking will only be supporting Team 2014 members at major events such as World or National Championships)
VIP access – you will be able to call me at any time directly on my personal mobile / cell phone, no office switch board, no scheduling calls.  Direct access. All other calls go to my office team. Only Team 2014 members can call me directly.
Two additional training days during the year

* – It is officially ten months rather than 12 months as a) sports seasons typically don’t last 12 months and b) We will both be taking a holiday / vacation at some stage!

How much does it cost?

The value of this is £3,000 in training days + £6,000 in coaching + £500 equipment = £9,500.  Successful applicants will be able to be part of Team 2014 for the special price of £3,950. 

If you are an existing student, you will receive the same as above except shorter initial training (one day) at the start of the season. You will also get the new EEG equipment, 10 months coaching, support at tournaments and one additional coaching days (two in total) for the single price of £1,950

If required this can be completed by a schedule of monthly payments.

Who can apply?

Team 2014 is open to top athletes in different sports.  The most popular sports for our mental coaching have historically been golf, tennis, archery and sporting clays.  If you are ranked or have ambitions of a top 30 world ranking in your sport then being part of Team 2014 is for you. Your suitability will be discussed during an application interview.

Places are available to both new and past students.

There will only be eight places available on Team 2014.

Please click the link below and complete the form.


Ask us more…

Virtual Coaching

Would you like to fine tune or improve some aspect of your mental performance?

Rather than travel to attend a training course, would you like a personal brain training session in your own home or office?

Perhaps you don’t feel you need a full package brain training course, but just want to work on improving one thing such as…

– Controlling nerves / stress
– Optimal structure of pre-shot routine in sport
– Improve memory
– Better concentration
– Read information faster
– Cope better under pressure
– Learn some mental fitness training exercises
– etc etc.

The full packages like the executive Mind Maximiser course, or to improve your mental skills in sports like our Get The Mental Edge course, are of limited availability.  Also due to location you might not be able to attend private training with Henry Hopking. So this virtual coaching gives you the opportunity to take a step forward in your mental performance.

This is not pre-recorded or group training.  This is a personal 1:1 training session tailored just for you.  This will be delivered by Skype to simulate a personal meeting, face to face chat and also sharing of worksheets.  The Skype coaching session will last approximately 90 minutes, followed up with two weeks of support.

Each session will focus on a specific topic and multiple sessions may be required. That can be discussed with you prior to a booking.

What exactly do I get?

– A pre-training phone call or email to discuss your objectives
– A personal 90 minute video skype session with Henry Hopking
– Two weeks of email questions / additional support.

The cost of this Virtual Training is £245.

Great. How do I book?

1) Contact us to request Virtual Training
2) We will then email you a link to our online diary booking system
3) Book in your 20 minute initial consultation phone call at an available time most convenient to you.
4) You will then be advised to book in your 90 minute Skype training call
5) You will be reminded of your training before the start
6) We will contact you via Skype at the start of your session
7) After the Skype training, you will receive two weeks of email support

Please note that the available times will be roughly around UK working hours.  So typically between 09:00 – 17:00 GMT.  Our booking system will convert the available times into your own time zone.  Available times vary each day, so you may find the best time further ahead in our diary.

Sounds good?  So now what…

Contact us to request Virtual Training.


Training vs Coaching

With the increasing popularity of our mental fitness coaching programmes, we have reached a crossroads. At one point during 2013 I was providing active coaching for 18 people and this was too much.  I felt the quality of coaching decreased and frankly I was working more hours than I enjoyed to deliver this! There are now some new training formats available.

Training vs Coaching.

Define: Coaching is where I work with a student over an extended period of time; typically 3-6 months. Training is where a student attends a private course,typically 1-3 days in duration and they then implement their new skills independently.

To maintain the quality of coaching, the number of places available at any time will be limited.  Historically the most popular coaching programme lasts three months.  As students reach the end of their coaching, new students will be invited to join.  So there is very likely going to be a waiting list.

The coaching programmes which start with a one or two day private course will now also be available as a “Training Only” option.

If after you attend a training course you feel you do actually need a little coaching assistance, coaching can be purchased separately on a per month basis.


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