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Winter Training for Sporting Clays

74 Ranch stand

US Nationals is a marker for the approaching end to the main Sporting Clays season in the USA.  Does that mean that you put your gun away until next year?  No!

This is the time that you should be making some changes and improvements ready for the 2014 season!

As usual I will be at US Nationals in San Antonio at the end of October supporting students who have been working on their mental game.

Every year after Nationals I stay in the USA for a few weeks providing coaching to those determined to improve their performance the following season.  We head down to 74 Ranch for a few days of intense coaching in great surroundings.

74 Ranch

This year I am really pleased to announce a new training format.  I have teamed up with World Champion Gebben Miles to provide a unique training programme combining both technical and mental coaching.

Gebben and I have become firm friends after I first started coaching him on his mental game in 2009.  That year he became US National Champion and since then with other titles, he has also become World FITASC Champion.

What is now being offered for the first time is the opportunity for you to start your preparation for the 2014 season by attending a coaching day with both Gebben and me; working on your technical and mental game.  You will be provided with a training programme to follow over the coming months. You will also receive one month of follow up coaching from me, as we put together a strong mental routine.

Henry and Gebben

“Henry helped me develop a powerful pre-shot mental routine. He has been like a dependable friend looking after my mental game. I learnt how to control my mental states for strong focus and concentration, regardless of the pressure.”

– Gebben Miles
World FITASC Champion 2012
USA National Champion 2009


To ensure you receive a high level of personal coaching, only two people can attend each one-day course.  This enables personal attention from both Gebben and myself during the day.  The training will be at 74 Ranch, just south of San Antonio. The available dates immediately after Nationals are:

Monday 28th October
Tuesday 29th October
Wednesday 30th October

The cost per person for the complete training package is $1,500 per person, which includes your follow up support.  This is great value for you, as both Gebben and I typically charge more than that each per day and you’ll be getting both of us at the same time!  (My popular coaching programme, Get The Mental Edge, is still available and costs $3,800)

So this is only available to six people (two each day) and will not be repeated again this year.  So if you want the formula for perfect winter training and can be in Texas at the end of the month, contact me now.

Before you make any booking to secure this training, I will schedule a call with you to discuss the details and ensure it is suitable for you.

If you are committed to having a better season in 2014, then contact me now to secure a date before all places are booked.



Gebben Miles

“Spot The Clay” Competition – February 2013

Win a free virtual coaching session on mental training (worth £150 / $250)

Can you correctly guess where the clay target is in the picture below?

The picture below shows a someone shooting at a sporting clays target… but the clay target has been edited out.

The person who correctly guesses the position of the clay target, or who is nearest to it, will win a free telephone coaching session on mental training with Henry Hopking (value £150 / $250)

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Step 1 – Click your mouse where you think the clay is in this picture. You can change your choice but once you submit your entry, there’s no changing your mind!

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The position of the clay target will be revealed when this competition closes.  You will be notified of a new one and you can have another go to win something!

– The winner will be picked on 28th February
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– Only one entry per competition
– No cash alternative
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– This is meant as a bit of fun!

Spot The Clay” is a copyrighted game name devised by The Brain Training Company Ltd.


“Spot The Clay” – thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing “Spot The Clay“.  Once the current competition is closed you can check back to see the original photo to see where the clay target was location. If you are the winner, we will contact you.  Good luck!

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USA Training – October / November 2012

Are you ready to work on your mental fitness? 

If you are a busy executive or an athlete wanting to improve your mental game then this is the training for you:

Henry Hopking is in the USA and training is available in Texas.  He'll be attending the US Nationals for Sporting Clays in San Antonio at the end of this month to support his sports clients.  This creates an opportunity for you to attend training with Henry whilst he is in town.  This is the time to ramp up your mental fitness skills. 

If you are an executive you will have probably heard about the excellent credentials Henry has for increasing executive performance. In particular, if you are a sporting clays competitor, now is the time to work on your mental game developing new strategies in time for the 2013 season.

This is probably the last time Henry will be in the USA during 2012, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.  There are of course only a limited number of dates available to start either Introduction or Intermediate training with Henry. 

These are the prices. (As a UK company our prices are in GBP, but for an approximate USD value multiply by 1.6)

If you are serious about grabbing one of these spots, then please complete the form below.  We will reply with the dates still available and suitable for your training.  Dates are available through the rest of October until the 10th November.

The primary location will be San Antonio, TX.  However, Henry always enjoys a little road trip if you want to invite him elsewhere in the region!

If you are a busy executive, you will already know how important it is to be mentally fit.  You need to manage stress, take in information from multiple sources and make sure you make effective decisions. The Mind Maximiser programme is the premier mental fitness training teaching you to master all these skills. This starts with two days of intensive private training with Henry Hopking followed by 12 weeks of mentoring giving you the support as you master your new skills. This is an "Intermediate" level training programme.

If you have mastered the technical aspect of your sport, you will have realised just how important the mental apsect is.  Can you control your mental states when it matters?  Do you have a reliable pre-shot routine?  Would you like to be trained personally by Henry Hopking, the coach to two Olympic Gold Medallists and multiple World / National Champions?  Then the "Intermediate" sports training programme is for you.

Introductory training:
You know you need better mental fitness, but maye you feel you need something more introductory.  As an executive or student, if you have specific goal such as an exam or presentation, or an athlete still needing to improve your technical skills, then a more introductory approach may be better suited to you.  This is a one month "Introduction" programme starting with one day of private training.

One Day Blast:
You just want to work on some basics and don't need any support or home training equipment.  You just want a one day "Blast" into the world of mental fitness.  This is also suitable for those who have previously attended training and just need a top up or boost to the next level.

Complete this form now to simply register your interest and you will be contacted within 24 hours with available dates.








How to book your training


So you’ve decided that you’d like to proceed with training?  Excellent.
These are the four steps you need to follow to secure a reservation:

1)    Contact us by email to arrange a telephone call with Henry Hopking.  This call is to ensure the training you hope to attend is appropriate for you before you proceed with a booking.

2)    Agree on a date and location for your training (by email or in the phone call)

3)   Complete and return the Registration Form, being sure to read the terms and conditions of training
(Download Executive Training Registration Form Here)
(Download Sports Training Registration Form Here)

4)   Make payment for your training.
Either by bank transfer or credit card* (Visa / Mastercard)

* a 3% transaction fee will be applied

Once your form and payment are received, your training will be confirmed and your booking is secure.


By making payment you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as stated on the registration form


Bank transfer to: “The Brain Training Company
Account: 30242428
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Swift / BIC code: NWBK GB 2L
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To download a .pdf of our current prices, please right click here.

Executive Training & Coaching

Mental BlastMind MaximiserMind Max. Pro
Training Days1 day2 days3 days
Coaching *---4 weeks8 weeks
Brain BuddyYesYesYes
EEG TechYes - BasicYes - BasicYes - Pro
V.I.P. Access---YesYes


Sport Training & Coaching

Intro DayGTME - "online"GTME - "Coach At Home"GTME - Private
Online Training---YesYesYes
Length1 Day---1 Month3 Months
In-Person TrainingYes------Yes
Group Coaching Calls------YesYes
1:1 Coaching Calls------x2Unlimited
Video Analysis------YesYes
Brain Buddy------YesYes
EEG Tech------YesYes
DeliveryIn Person 1:1At Home At Home In Person 1:1
VIP Access---------Yes
Competition Support------x2Unlimited
AvailabilityYesWaiting ListWaiting ListSeptember 2015
CommentsUSD price may vary with exchange rateUSD price may vary with exchange rateUSD price may vary with exchange rateUSD price may vary with exchange rate



* = Only available to UK clients


Please ensure you have had read our Terms & Conditions before paying for any training, mentoring service or product.  A purchase constitutes agreement to these terms.

These details are correct as of 1st June 2013