Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success


Some articles are in .pdf format and will open in a new window.

 Audio-Visual Stimulation

A brief introduction to light and sound (102 kb)

Time Flashes – a history of AVE (107 kb)

Audio visual stimulation and brain growth (102 kb)

AVE and depression (329 kb)

A seven part series of research articles on AVE

Part 1 – Physiology and clinical applications of AVE (1,623 kb)

Part 2 – AVE and dental studies (379 kb)

Part 3 – AVE for attention and learning (894 kb)

Part 4 – AVE for Seasonal Affective Disorder (282 kb)

Part 5 – AVE and affective disorders (419 kb)

Part 6 – AVE and seniors issues (428 kb)

Part 7 – AVE and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (1003 kb)

Learning Difficulties and Benhavioural Problems

Academic Performance Enhancement (896 kb)

Audio visual entrainment for ADD (894 kb)

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