Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Testimonials & Media

Here are a selection of testimonials and also some quotes from the press:

“Henry Hopking is one of the world’s leading sports trainers.”

Financial Times

“Henry Hopking, a bronze medal winner in the world speed-reading championships, was in 2002 awarded the title of ‘second most creative mind on the planet’.  In the same year, he helped sporting clients to secure more than 10 major sports titles.”

The Guardian

“Henry Hopking’s training taught me a powerful mental routine and gave me the knowledge to understand how to control my brain states.  It is like a having a reset button I can use whenever I need to boost my concentration or control my nerves.  Thank you Henry for helping me to win Gold!”

Glenn Eller

Olympic Gold Medallist, Beijing 2008

“If you want to maximise your intellectual and physical efficiency then Henry Hopking is your man. Henry knows more about liberating mental excellence in individuals than anyone else I know.”

Dominic O’Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion.

"I have worked with Henry on my mental game for some time, and have 100% confidence in his knowledge and the support that he provides. He has been a great help both directly and remotely via the phone, and look forward to winning some more world titles with his assistance."

Ed Solomons

2014 World FITASC Champion

“I live in a very chaotic, busy, stressed out world.  The Training with Henry Hopking gave me the opportunity to assess my situation, anyalyse where it could be improved and then implement a course of action.  Utilising Henry’s considerable organisational skills, I was able to revise for my fourth year Open University exam, whilst performing a UK wide concert tour. The brainwave training and AVE sessions were soothing and energising depending on what was required…. I’d say if you’re in need of a mental organisational and boost, Henry Hopking is exactly who is required.”

Lenny Henry

Comedian and TV personality.

“It is clear to see that in the next few years those who recognize the importance of mental training and embrace this form of technology will be the champions”

Clay Shooting USA magazine


"Henry’s brainwave training raises the bar for athletic performance.  If athletes are to remain competitive they will need to learn this knowledge.”

Sir Clive Woodward

“I work in a pressurised marketing and execution environment with a premium placed on the ability to analyse complex issues, make balanced timely decision with conviction based on less than full information, and to give clear instruction and advice. Henry’s course provides me with tools and approaches that materially enhance my ability to perform effectively in this environment, as well as delivering additional benefits to certain related aspects of my personal life.  Henry is an inspirational coach who not only transfers useful information but also inspires improved performance.  If you are on top of your brief but feel that you could refine efficiency and impact, Henry Hopking is your man.”

JP Morgan Cazenove

“Henry, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the level of care you have. You are an awesome person and thank you for being a part of my World Championship!!  Henry helped me develop a powerful pre-shot mental routine. He has been like a dependable friend looking after my mental game. I learnt how to control my mental states for strong focus and concentration, regardless of the pressure.”

Gebben Miles

USA National Champion 2009, World FITASC Champion 2012, Nad Al Sheba Champion 2014

[The Brain Training Company] “…teaches executives and sportsmen how to control their brain activity in order to improve mental skills, memory and reading skills… whatever they’re doing it’s having effects.”

The Independent

“Henry’s brain training has helped my mind to be less cluttered when shooting, keeping me in a more peaceful, focused state of mind. I have also noticed that while shooting my vision is now quicker and my body works as it was engineered to work.”

Wendell Cherry

“I had previously been able to access a state of focus and concentration, but had lost the ability. Henry’s mental training taught me in a clear concise manner how to get back to that state of focus and concentration every time I shoot.” 

Andy Duffy

“Henry Hopking enabled me to become Russian National Champion.  The skills I have learnt from Henry means that I can take any amount of pressure in competition, consistently maintaining my concentration better than anyone else”

Sergei Alexandrov

Russian Sporting Champion

“The training has given me great confidence in my shooting knowing that I can depend 100% on the techniques taught by Henry Hopking to win competitions.  I now understand how to switch into the right mental state when it is important to keep focused”

Inna Alexandrova

Russian Ladies Sporting, FITASC and Compact Champion

“The most positive thing for me is huge strides I have taken in terms of my mental management.  I seem to be able to control the nerves much better and have eliminated -ve thoughts creeping in…thanks to Henry Hopking and his “Peak Performance” training programme!”

Peer Iuel

“Since working with Henry,my performance and consistency have improved dramatically! Henry studies your own brainwave patterns and tailors an exact mental routine,specific to you. Using the methods I have been taught,I am now fully aware of how to mentally prepare and fully focus myself for each shot. It really has taken me to the next level. Without a doubt,Henry is the best kept secret of the shooting world!”

Wayne Martin