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study shows exercise improves brain power

Physical exercise is usually associated with improved physical fitness.  However now there is proof that exercise will improve your mental fitness as well.

A recent study at the University of Calgary has show that those people who participate in light exercise are mentally fitter than those who do not exercise. The study was published in the journal, “Neurobiology of Aging”, and finds that physical fitness helps improve brain function because physical exercise benefits blood flow in the brain and, as a result, aids cognitive abilities.

“Being sedentary is now considered a risk factor for stroke and dementia,” Poulin says in a statement. “This study proves for the first time that people who are fit have better blood flow to their brain. Our findings also show that better blood flow translates into improved cognition.”

For many I expect this is no great surprise.  We are well aware that exercise is good for us for many reasons.  We know there are chemicals released in the brain which can give a sense of wellbeing after exercise.  However what particularly caught my attention in this research is the direct correlation between blood flow and improved cognition.  This is the basis of a significant part of the brain training provided by The Brain Training Company.

One of the technologies used in our training course is The Brain Buddy. This brain training tool uses audio-visual stimulation (AVS) to modify brainwave activity and teach people how to control thei brainwave activity.  However it is also known that AVS has a secondary affect whereby blood flow to the brain increases.  In a study by Fox and Reichle (1985), it was noted that 10 htz training increases blood flow to the brain by up to 28%.

So as well as taking a daily brisk walk to improve your brain power, you can also train your brain from the comfort of your chair at home with this brain training equipment.

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