Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success


Elite Training Elite Private Training

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have access to your own personal mental fitness coach helping you achieve your goals? Just imagine having priority access to one of the worlds leading human performance coaches specifically to help you reach your objectives!

This private coaching is an exclusive team, only available to a strictly limited number of people.

Henry Hopking personally invites a small number of clients to have access to his coaching, advice and support over an extended period of time. This is typically those elite individuals aspiring to be world class individuals.

  • Olympic athletes
  • Top corporate executives
  • Entrepreneurs

By being part of this exclusive Elite Training Group you will benefit from the dedicated expertise of Henry Hopking who has helped people win Olympic medals, excel in the business world and exceed their personal performance expectations. He has worked with Billionaires, Millionaires and the sporting greats.

There are two levels of coaching provided in this programme – “Elite” and “Elite Plus”.

“Elite” training programme:

If you sign up to this service, you will get:

  • On-going 1:1 telephone training with Henry Hopking
  • Assistance and review of goals
  • Personalised training regime, continually updated
  • Advice / preparation for specific events
  • You will be provided with new customised Brain Buddy sessions
  • Unlimited email support

“Elite Plus” training programme:

This is a superior level of service. This package of training provides all of the services in the “Elite” package plus:

  • Each month you will meet for a half day of private training
  • 24/7 telephone access – ideal for on-call competition support

The “Elite Plus” service is ideal for the professional athlete training for peak performance and requiring support during the season. This is also suited to the high performance individual looking to massively increase their personal performance. The training will continually push you to higher levels of achievement, with new goals being established each week.

This Elite Coaching Programme is offered only to those who have attended initial training with Henry Hopking – either through the Mind Maximiser or Peak Performance courses. This programme provides ongoing support and training to assist you in meeting your mental fitness goals. A minimum commitment of six months is required.

It is stressed that this Elite Coaching Programme is for a select few who are committed to achieving their maximum personal mental performance, like those listed above. It requires consistent effort and dedication following the advice provided by Henry Hopking.

If you follow the training, you will get the results.

Once you have attending one of the two day private courses, you may be invited to join this select programme.