Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Executive – Mind Maximiser

Executive Thinking
The Premier Mental Fitness Training Programme

This training is ideally suited to the individual looking to maximise their mental performance. You may be a high performance individual, perhaps running a businesses, working as a successful company executive, or focused on personal development.

“If you want to maximise your intellectual and physical efficiency then Henry Hopking is your man. Henry knows more about liberating mental excellence in individuals than anyone else I know.”

Dominic O’Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion.

Think of your brain and mental performance like a computer; you have both hardware (your brain) and software (skills of memory etc). What makes this training unique is you learn how to use your brain before we teach you the mental skills you desire. We design the training to suit your schedule and individual needs. 

During this training programme, you will be using the very latest techniques and technologies. The main emphasis is on learning to control your mental state for optimal performance. Listed further below are some of the specific applications you will master.

Your trainer, Henry Hopking, has won silver medal at the World Championships for Creative Thinking, bronze medal at the Speed Reading World Championships and in sport has coached Olympic Gold medallists as well as helping numerous World Champions. You’ll be learning from the best.

“I work in a pressurised marketing and execution environment with a premium placed on the ability to analyse complex issues, make balanced timely decision with conviction based on less than full information, and to give clear instruction and advice. Henry’s course provides me with tools and approaches that materially enhance my ability to perform effectively in this environment, as well as delivering additional benefits to certain related aspects of my personal life.  Henry is an inspirational coach who not only transfers useful information but also inspires improved performance.  If you are on top of your brief but feel that you could refine efficiency and impact, Henry Hopking is your man.”

JP Morgan Cazenove

Could you do with a memory overhaul? You will learn to – Remember numbers – Memorise Dates – Put names to faces – Never forget anything again! You will be taught how your memory works and to use it to maximum efficiency by controlling your brainwaves.

[The Brain Training Company] “…teaches executives and sportsmen how to control their brain activity in order to improve mental skills, memory and reading skills… whatever they’re doing it’s having effects.”

The Independent

Information Processing:
Ever get that sinking feeling? We are living in an age of information overload. It is also an age where information is power. Everyday we are bombarded with information, through emails, the Internet, newspapers and other media. You will learn the most efficient ways to process information and learn to work with your brain, not against it. The speed at which you will be able to take in, process and recall information will be greatly enhanced. Ideal for the busy executive or those undertaking study.

“Henry Hopking, a bronze medal winner in the world speed-reading championships, was in 2002 awarded the title of ‘second most creative mind on the planet’.  In the same year, he helped sporting clients to secure more than 10 major sports titles.”

The Guardian

Stress Management:
Stop the world, I want to get off! High stress levels are detrimental to mental performance and physical health. It is said that we have higher levels of stress than ever before. Work absence due to  stress related illnesses has increased over the last few years. By using the most sophisticated technology available, you will learn how to recognise and control stress ensuring you are always performing at your best.

“I live in a very chaotic, busy, stressed out world.  The Training with Henry Hopking gave me the opportunity to assess my situation, anyalyse where it could be improved and then implement a course of action.  Utilising Henry’s considerable organisational skills, I was able to revise for my fourth year Open University exam, whilst performing a UK wide concert tour. The brainwave training and AVE sessions were soothing and energising depending on what was required…. I’d say if you’re in need of a mental organisational and boost, Henry Hopking is exactly who is required.”

Lenny Henry

Comedian and TV personality.

These are some of the many topics covered in this training program. This training is intensive and very enjoyable. As well as learning the skills mentioned above, you will use our state of the art ‘brain-training’ technologies to accelerate your learning curve.

These are complete packages and solutions to master your mental performance.  There are various options available of variable duration, detail and also training vs coaching models. For more information and to discuss which training or coaching is most suitable, please contact us to discuss your requirements.