Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Mental Training for Golf


Does your mental game cost you shots?
Would you like a quiet mind at key moments?
Can you focus when the pressure is on?

It is often said that golf is predominately a mental game.  If this is the case, what are you doing to improve this aspect of your game? You have probably heard or read about the benefits of positive self-talk or visualisation, but that alone is not sufficient.

You can learn to control your mental states and how to achieve a quiet mind with total focus.

With this training you will learn:

– How to quieten any intrusive thoughts
– To have total focus when under pressure
– How to play to your best, consistently.
– The best pre-shot routine, suited to you.

Golf TrainingThe key behind all this is learning to control your brainwave activity. Nerves and pressure result in a feeling of mind-chatter, caused by your faster brainwaves dominating.  Lapses in concentration can be caused by an increase in slower brainwave activity.  Total focus with a quiet mind requires control of the middle brainwave frequencies.

You have probably achieved this before, sometimes called “The Zone”, but frustratingly you don’t know how to control this.

This training teaches you how to access the optimal states for focus and concentration on demand.  You will have a pre-shot routine built tailored just to you.  There is no one blue-print that suits everyone.

photo 4Henry Hopking has been coaching pro and amateur golfers improve their mental game for over a decade.  He has built strong relationships with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Mastering your mental game is not a quick fix (sorry!).  Also this training is not the total solution to all mental issues in the game (sorry, again!). But you can learn to control your focus on demand and build consistency into your game.

If you feel that your focus and concentration is costing you shots, then this coaching is for you.

Depending on your training options, this is what you will get:

– Private 1:1 coaching with Henry Hopking
– A pre-shot routine to control your mental states
– Brainwave technology to continue your training at home
– Coaching support to ensure your success.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.