Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Virtual Coaching

Would you like to fine tune or improve some aspect of your mental performance?

Rather than travel to attend a training course, would you like a personal brain training session in your own home or office?

Perhaps you don’t feel you need a full package brain training course, but just want to work on improving one thing such as…

– Controlling nerves / stress
– Optimal structure of pre-shot routine in sport
– Improve memory
– Better concentration
– Read information faster
– Cope better under pressure
– Learn some mental fitness training exercises
– etc etc.

The full packages like the executive Mind Maximiser course, or to improve your mental skills in sports like our Get The Mental Edge course, are of limited availability.  Also due to location you might not be able to attend private training with Henry Hopking. So this virtual coaching gives you the opportunity to take a step forward in your mental performance.

This is not pre-recorded or group training.  This is a personal 1:1 training session tailored just for you.  This will be delivered by Skype to simulate a personal meeting, face to face chat and also sharing of worksheets.  The Skype coaching session will last approximately 90 minutes, followed up with two weeks of support.

Each session will focus on a specific topic and multiple sessions may be required. That can be discussed with you prior to a booking.

What exactly do I get?

– A pre-training phone call or email to discuss your objectives
– A personal 90 minute video skype session with Henry Hopking
– Two weeks of email questions / additional support.

The cost of this Virtual Training is £245.

Great. How do I book?

1) Contact us to request Virtual Training
2) We will then email you a link to our online diary booking system
3) Book in your 20 minute initial consultation phone call at an available time most convenient to you.
4) You will then be advised to book in your 90 minute Skype training call
5) You will be reminded of your training before the start
6) We will contact you via Skype at the start of your session
7) After the Skype training, you will receive two weeks of email support

Please note that the available times will be roughly around UK working hours.  So typically between 09:00 – 17:00 GMT.  Our booking system will convert the available times into your own time zone.  Available times vary each day, so you may find the best time further ahead in our diary.

Sounds good?  So now what…

Contact us to request Virtual Training.