Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

USA Training – October / November 2012

Are you ready to work on your mental fitness? 

If you are a busy executive or an athlete wanting to improve your mental game then this is the training for you:

Henry Hopking is in the USA and training is available in Texas.  He'll be attending the US Nationals for Sporting Clays in San Antonio at the end of this month to support his sports clients.  This creates an opportunity for you to attend training with Henry whilst he is in town.  This is the time to ramp up your mental fitness skills. 

If you are an executive you will have probably heard about the excellent credentials Henry has for increasing executive performance. In particular, if you are a sporting clays competitor, now is the time to work on your mental game developing new strategies in time for the 2013 season.

This is probably the last time Henry will be in the USA during 2012, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.  There are of course only a limited number of dates available to start either Introduction or Intermediate training with Henry. 

These are the prices. (As a UK company our prices are in GBP, but for an approximate USD value multiply by 1.6)

If you are serious about grabbing one of these spots, then please complete the form below.  We will reply with the dates still available and suitable for your training.  Dates are available through the rest of October until the 10th November.

The primary location will be San Antonio, TX.  However, Henry always enjoys a little road trip if you want to invite him elsewhere in the region!

If you are a busy executive, you will already know how important it is to be mentally fit.  You need to manage stress, take in information from multiple sources and make sure you make effective decisions. The Mind Maximiser programme is the premier mental fitness training teaching you to master all these skills. This starts with two days of intensive private training with Henry Hopking followed by 12 weeks of mentoring giving you the support as you master your new skills. This is an "Intermediate" level training programme.

If you have mastered the technical aspect of your sport, you will have realised just how important the mental apsect is.  Can you control your mental states when it matters?  Do you have a reliable pre-shot routine?  Would you like to be trained personally by Henry Hopking, the coach to two Olympic Gold Medallists and multiple World / National Champions?  Then the "Intermediate" sports training programme is for you.

Introductory training:
You know you need better mental fitness, but maye you feel you need something more introductory.  As an executive or student, if you have specific goal such as an exam or presentation, or an athlete still needing to improve your technical skills, then a more introductory approach may be better suited to you.  This is a one month "Introduction" programme starting with one day of private training.

One Day Blast:
You just want to work on some basics and don't need any support or home training equipment.  You just want a one day "Blast" into the world of mental fitness.  This is also suitable for those who have previously attended training and just need a top up or boost to the next level.

Complete this form now to simply register your interest and you will be contacted within 24 hours with available dates.








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