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The British Olympic Coaching Programme

I passionately believe that you cannot win a gold medal unless you have a world-class athlete and a world-class coach,” Sir Clive Woodward says. “This country is developing bucket-loads of talent. But are we developing enough world-class coaches? I don’t think we are.

Here is an excellent article written by Owen Slot of The Times, in which Sir Clive Woodward discusses the state of athletic coaching in the UK.  Woodward is the Performance Director of theBritish Olympic Association.

Whilst knowledge is important, Woodward is focusing on helping coaches teach more effectively.  With this in mind, Slot’s article in The Times exclusively reveals “The British Olympic Coaching Programme [BOCP]”

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    According to the research, lingering or chronic pain may be the result of neuronal and non-neuronal dysregulation that results from the original insult to the body, that is the accident or injury itself.  These structures and substructures are outside the more conventional pain management strategies of physical or phamacological interventions and thus are not likely to be re-regulated with traditional rehabilitation.  The bottom line is the pain signalling to the point of injury is not completely or adequately disengaged in the regular rehabilitation and healing process resulting in the lingering pain.
    in fact, chronic pain has been shown on fMRI studies to create many other complications relevant to sports athletes including compromises in their focus, attention, concentration, judgement, mental and muscular acutity.  That means they are not just "off their game" or unable to "get in the zone," they are in jeapordy of creating more permanent neuronal distortions in the frontal lobes of the brain where the executive functioning takes place.
    [ So an on the field injury can have more long term and far reaching consequences not addressed in conventional rehabilitation, physical therapy, the use of metronome therapy, traditional biofeedback, or neurofeedback alone.
     These neuronal and non-neuronal structures (e.g., astrocytes) require a means by which they can come back into a global synchronization, which includes cortical and subcortical structures along with those ascending and descending networks of the brainstem, central, autonomic, and peripheral nervous systems.
      Without this global re-synchronization, complete recovery is much slower if not severly hindered.

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