Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Sport – Get The Mental Edge

Get The Mental Edge


“Considering top players today, there is very little difference in talent or training intensity. It’s the difference in mental capacities that will determine who the real winners are.”

Sven Goran Eriksson

Would you like to improve your mental game in sport?
Would you like better focus and concentration?
Can you control nerves when under pressure?
Do you have a rock solid pre-shot routine?

This training is used by athletes from a variety of sports. Results in the last few years from those trained with this system include:

2 Olympic Gold Medals
8 World Championship titles
9 European Championship titles
19 National / Open titles


"Henry’s brainwave training raises the bar for athletic performance.  If athletes are to remain competitive they will need to learn this knowledge.”

Sir Clive Woodward


You will learn to control your brainwaves to be in the optimal state every time you compete.

– Achieve precision focus and concentration
– Control competition nerves
– Develop a mental resilience to pressure
– Understand what “The Zone” truly is and how to control it.

There are various formats of training and coaching.  After an initial consultation you will be advised which will be most beneficial to you.  These range from virtual training sessions by Skype / phone to extended coaching over a few months.  A significant factor in deciding suitability is your current ability.  Higher performing individuals will be invited onto a coaching programme. Those still developing technical proficiency may be more suited to a shorter training course.

This coaching is most suited to those competing in individual sports, such as golf, archery, tennis and clay targets shooting.  You can read specific information on some of these sports on separate pages linked below.


“Henry Hopking is one of the world’s leading sports trainers.”

Financial Times


 Mental Training for GOLF

Golf Training

Have you ever made a poor shot because you can’t quieten your mind, or forget about distractions around you? In this training you will learn how to achieve a quiet mind with intense focus on demand. You will build consistency in your game better mental strength.

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Mental Training for SPORTING CLAYS
(all disciplines)


We’ve all experienced it – a target missed because of a momentary lapse in concentration.Worse still, missing the next target because of frustration. In this training you will build a strong mental game, learning how to achieve a quiet mind with intense focus on demand.

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Henry Hopking has successfully coached top ranked golf and tennis professionals.  He has also worked with world class athletes in non-professional sports such as archery and clay shooting.  He is recognised as one of the leading mental trainers in the world, based on the successful results of his students.


If you would like to discuss if this training might be suitable for you, please contact us for an informal discussion.