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Would you like to learn how to improve your brain power?

Learn how to control your brainwave activity for peak mental performance and...

Control your focus and concentration on demand
Develop a winning preshot routine in sport
Improve your memory and mental skills

Increase your reading speed
Learn information faster
Reduce nervous stress

Increase your IQ

Mind Maximiser

Executive Thinking

Would you like to work more efficiently with less stress? Would you like to have a more powerful memory and read through information faster? You can learn to control your brainwave activity for peak mental performance, improving your business success.

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Get The Mental Edge

Get The Mental Edge

Do you have a strong pre-shot routine? Can you focus and concentrate under pressure? Learn to control your brainwave activity for peak concentration and to control nerves. This training will give you consistency in your mental performance.

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Help Me Pass Exams

Virtual Coaching

Would you like to attend a private brain training course, but either due to location or cost reasons you are unable to attend? You can have a private training session via skype focusing on any mental training topic you require, all without leaving your home or office.

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“If you want to maximise your intellectual and physical efficiency then Henry Hopking is your man. Henry knows more about liberating mental excellence in individuals than anyone else I know.”


Dominic O’Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion.