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“Brain Training” games don’t work

At last there is the evidence that brain training games don’t boost brain power. (BBC report)

When doing radio interviews, the most common question I am asked is how good are these electronic games recently promoted to improve brain function.  My reply is always the same…doing lots of sudoku puzzles simply makes you good at doing sudoku.  There is no wider neurological benefit which can be applied to other tasks.

If you want to train your brain, you need to use tried and tested techniques which will improve your memory or increase your IQ, not some gimmick electronic game.  Here at The Brain Training Company the training has a two pronged approach:

1) Train your brainwave activity.
2) Learn specific skills of memory, reading, learning etc.

You want to learn how to control your brainwave activity.  You need an optimal balance between the different frequencies.  Much research has been written on optimal ratios of theta and beta brainwave levels.  This has typically focused on those with ADD/HD, but it is applicable to everyone.  You can learn to balance the amount of brainwave activity in the different frequencies (beta / alpha / theta).  Another objective is to have improved synchrony between left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Unless you get your brainwave activity in balance, techniques to improve specific mental activities will not happen easily (memory, learning, concentration).

Once you have balanced brainwave activity and learnt to control it, you can learn specific techniques of mental skills.  You can learn powerful memory systems, like those of Dominic O’Brien.  With that you apply your brainwave skills.  For instance for a powerful memory you need to be able to access the theta brainwave state.  This is the same with other aspects of learning, or perhaps to improve focus and concentration in sport.

If the electronic games don’t work, how do I do all this?”…

There are a couple of proven systems for brainwave training.  One of these is neurofeedback and the other is audio-visual entrainment.  The Brain Buddy is based on AVE and is provided as part of our client’s training courses.  AVE systems like the Brain Buddy have been shown to increase IQ and improve mental functioning.

The Mind Maximiser is a training course which combines all of the necessary aspects for efficient “brain training” – you learn how to balance and control your brainwave activity and then you learn specific techniques of improved mental functioning.  Some clients have gone on to enter the World Memory Championships after this course!

Stop wasting your money on quick fix gimmicks!  You will only be disappointed.  If you are serious about improving your brain skills, then this is serious, proven training which will help you.  But it requires effort, determination and continued hard work

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  1. S.Louis says:

    the effectiveness of brain games related to brain fitness is a topic of ongoing research. It all starts with the question: how do you measure the effectiveness ? We offer online brain training games on our website, dedicated as we are to making the most effective brain training games on the planet we find the question “do brain training games really work ? ” very interesting of course. We work together with universities here in the Netherlands to research this. There is also another angle: if you ask the users of our BrainGymmer product if they find they experience improved memory, visual perception etc , there is a large proportion of users that report improved cognitive skills. They are less forgetful, or can concentrate better at work. This may not be a meaasured improved, but nevertheless this perceived improvement of brain fitness is extremely valuable and i am convinced there is a large group of people for which this kind of brain training really works to improve brain fitness.
    Louis Kinsbergen, CEO BrainGymmer

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