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Controlling brainwave activity ‘eases heart disease’

The American Heart Association has published research showing that 20 minutes of meditation twice a day can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke by 47%.  This is a very powerful endorsement for just how important is it to learn to control your brainwave activity.

Whilst many of my clients are looking to improve their levels of focus and concentration, especially top athletes, it is just as important to be able to slow your brainwaves down.  I describe this as having full mobility of brainwaves.

The research published by the AHA, is an expected result.  In the Western world, we live in a very busy pace of life.  Information is flowing at us with a faster pace than ever before, meaning we have to filter and make decisions on this information even faster, just to keep up with the world. From a brain perspective, this means that we are spending longer periods of our days in a high-beta brainwave state – stressed!  And there is less time being allocated to simply relaxing, or accessing the alpha and theta brainwave states.

Like any electrical wiring, if you put too high a current down it for too long, it burns out.  This can be seen as the one of the same reason for executive burn-out – too much pressure for too long (i.e. living in a high beta state) and suddenly you can’t take the pressure any more.

However, with mobility of brainwaves and learning to change between mental levels throughout the day in a key to long-term mental health.  It could be said that, “a theta a day keeps the doctor away“!  This is what meditation achieves.

The one slight drawback from this research is that transcendental meditation takes such a long time to master.  And the “Catch 22” is that if you have a busy lifestyle, you don’t have the time in invest into learning this skill.

That is where brainwave entrainment is so powerful.  You can change your brainwave frequencies in a matter of minutes.  This is particularly so with audio-visual stimulation (AVS).  So you can access a relaxing alpha / theta state in a matter of minutes – be that during your lunch hour or on the train on the way home.  The Brain Buddy is a tool which helps you learn to control your brainwaves.

That is the message I have been teaching for many years; ten years ago when discussing this subject I was quoted in the media as saying, “and you don’t need to sit on a rock and eat rice for 20 years.”  Now it only takes a matter of days to learn to control your brainwave activity.

With the incentive of the AHA research of reducing risk of stroke and heart attack by 47%, surely everyone should be considering this?

You will learn these skills on the Mind Maximiser course.

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