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A political brainwave

With all the current election talk in the UK, this article seemed both topical and amusing.

Scientists believe they can now identify a person’s political voting preference by analysing their brainwave activity – whether they tend to be more conservative or liberal in their political behaviour.

For much of the last decade, my work at The Brain Training Company has been fascinating. Much of the pleasure from this has been from working in a field which at first was seen as rather alternative, but is now seen as essential for the high performance individual. Although this is a business rather than a research laboratory, fascinating trends have at times emerged from our own EEG (brainwave activity) data.

Olympic athletes now contact us to learn our brainwave training techniques. Only two Olympic Games ago, I was approaching them to offer the benefits and was often met with scepticism. In the executive arena, FTSE 100 companies are incorporating theories of brainwave training to improve their training plans. How times have changed – our “Elite Training” team is full with Beijing Olympic hopefuls and top executives.

It is so refreshing to have reached this point. Rather than being the quirky outsider, our work is now recognised as the cutting edge of peak performance training and I am often consulted as the authority on the subject.

How far will this all go? If you can measure and identify someone’s political persuasion through brainwave activity, is it possible to change it?

We are now into an age of mainstream brain training. It is available to everyone and should be embraced by everyone. It is my personal passion to see this knowledge introduced into education systems.

If it is possible to improve someone’s exam grades by two levels, simply by teaching them a few brain-friendly study skill techniques, when will this be adopted by the masses? At the moment we provide training where requested, usually at INSET training days. However shouldn’t this be in the curriculum?

If it is possible to help a child reduce the symptoms of ADHD with brainwave training and reduce their medication, when will doctors start prescribing a course of brainwave training?

I believe it will be sooner than we expect.


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