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Be Happy, stay Healthy

In the news today, a recent study suggests that by keeping happy you may ward off heart disease. Does this mean that there is truth in the saying that someone is “heart-broken”?

(This is another story along the similar line on which I blogged last year – Meditation eases heart disease)

“US researchers monitored the health of 1,700 people over 10 years, finding the most anxious and depressed were at the highest risk of the disease. They could not categorically prove happiness was protective, but said people should try to enjoy themselves.”

“Essentially spending a few minutes each day truly relaxed and enjoying yourself is certainly good for your mental health and may improve your physical health as well.”

What do you think about this?  I think any adult who has faced stress or unhappiness will know intuitively that these states of mind are bad for their health.

This article brought to mind the fact that my alma-mater, Wellington College, introduced “Happiness lessons” a few years ago;much to the amusement of the British press.  Some were cynical about this, thinking it more a media stunt to set the College apart from the rest, creating an image of being forward thinking in education.  However, perhaps there is more to it and there is real value.

But do we need lessons in happiness?  Is it something which can be taught?  Happiness can be brought on by many means.  The coaching here at The Brain Training Company does not claim to teach happiness, but clients certainly say that the tools taught reduce stress and the pressures of life.  It happiness something we need to constantly follow, perhaps like a tacking ship – marriage one year, children the next, sporting success, a promotion at work.  Or can it be a constant?

This recent study would suggest that happiness is an important state of mind, for those that can find it.

It is interesting that this is a similar post to what I blogged last year – Meditation eases heart disease.  So perhaps we need to meditate ourselves to happiness to protect our hearts…?

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