Advanced Mental Training to Maximise your Success

Get The Mental Edge in Sporting Clays

18th – 31st August

Mental Training for Sporting Clays

Northbrook Sports Club, IL.

“Henry Hopking is one of the world’s leading sports trainers.” – London Financial Times


GlennTo compete at the highest level in your sport you need a solid mental game. Would you like to develop strong levels of focus and concentration? Can you reduce stress and control your mental states when under pressure? Would you like a mental programme which is designed just for you? Would you like a coach to support you to ensure your success?

Henry Hopking’s students have won numerous major titles across the disciplines in sporting clays. This is unquestionably the most successful mental training in sporting clays.

BREAKING NEWS – Ed Solomons has won 2014 World FITASC Championship.
This is the 8th World Title won by a Brain Training student

“I have worked with Henry on my mental game for some time, and have 100% confidence in his knowledge and the support that he provides. He has been a great help both directly and remotely via the phone, and look forward to winning some more world titles with his assistance.”


Immediately after the North Central Regional in August, Henry Hopking will be providing private training to help you build a strong mental game in sporting clays.

You can read about his three month coaching programme here – Get The Mental Edge

“Henry Hopking gave me all the skills I needed to control my concentration helping me to win this Gold Medal.”
– Glenn Eller – Olympic Gold, Double Trap, Beijing 2008

Dates / Location

The training location will be Northbrook Sports Club, IL

Training days are available between:
18th – 31st August


Structure / Fee

This is a three month coaching programme. It begins with two days of private 1:1 training. This element of the programme will be at Northbrook Sports Club. The first day is detailed analysis of your shooting and mental approach, including brainwave analysis of your ability to focus and concentrate. You then have a custom pre-shot routine created for you. The second day is focused on implementing your new pre-shot routine. You are provided with your own brainwave training equipment to use after the training. We then move into the three month coaching phase of your programme. This is conducted by phone / skype and email. This is where your mental system is refined and ensuring you successfully implement the skills. This coaching will take you right through to and including US Nationals in October. Henry Hopking will also be at Nationals to support you.

The cost of this programme is $4,000. This includes:

– Two days of 1:1 training
– Brain Buddy equipment and EEG equipment for home training.
– Three months of coaching, including having support before, during and after tournaments

Henry and Gebben
“Henry, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the level of care you have. You are an awesome person and thank you for being a part of my team!!”


“Henry helped me develop a powerful pre-shot mental routine. He has been like a dependable friend looking after my mental game. I learnt how to control my mental states for strong focus and concentration, regardless of the pressure.”


– Gebben Miles. World FITASC Champion 2012 USA National Champion 2009


How do I book a course?

The first thing you need to do is contact us to schedule a phone call. During this call we can discuss with you which format of training is going to be of most benefit to you. We will then discuss which dates are still available. We would look for two consecutive days during 18th – 31st August.

Contact us now and take your mental game to a new level

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