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Tips to improve your brain

Ok I know, as some of you have emailed to point out, it has been way too long since the last post. So here’s another fresh start and some fresh news.

The subject of brain training seems to be so hot at the moment. It is everywhere in the news. The momentum is really building with people being increasingly aware that it is possible to train their brains.

One of the most common questions I am asked in radio interviews is, “how beneficial are these new electronic brain-training games?”

In my opinion, whilst a quick game of Sudoku or some mental arithmetic is no bad thing, it is more important for people to learn techniques of how to use their brain.

For instance, rather than practicing memory games without any training, it is far better to learn how to memorise information. There are specific memory techniques which can be learnt and 10 minutes of studying these is far better than 10 minutes of struggling with your old ways. Why re-invent the wheel?

The next most popular question I am asked is, “what tips can you give us to improve our memory / concentration / study skills?”

You may know that I provide private training courses to improve an individual’s mental performance. These are for the person seriously dedicated to maximising their personal performance; typically the Olympic athlete or top executive.

However, many people are looking for some simple, quick to learn techniques to improve their brain power.

So with this in mind, I am really excited and pleased to tell you about some new information I have released:

This information has been developed by condensing down all of the most powerful tips I give in my private training sessions. You can soon have access to the techniques needed to improve your brain power.

So, yes, hopefully more blogs will follow. There is so much news each and every day about the brain. It is an exciting time. Until the next time, bye for now.

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  1. lee spiller says:

    Been useing “more brain training” for 5 weeks now, went from 83 to 27 . But i do not understand when the prof tells me to not say certain words “pickled plums” ect on the title screen.Also he will not register the day thursday on the dates game. please help!.Anybody.thanks

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