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“Dreams can help with learning” – The importance of Theta…

Research has shown that people who dream about a task perform it better on waking compared to those who do not dream about the task. (BBC News)

This reinforces the knowledge shared in our brain training courses, where the importance of theta brainwave activity in learning is discussed.  For optimal functioning, new information is received in a high-alpha state.  That is then memorised or integrated in a theta state.  The theta brainwave is an important brainwave for a healthy sleep cycle, as well as delta.

During our training courses, like the Mind Maximiser,  you learn how to access this state by increasing the amplitude of the theta brainwave at will. For anyone wishing to learn information at an accelerated rate, it is essential to be able to control the levels of high-alpha and theta brainwaves.  Some people talk about the “super-learning state”.  In my opinion this is where someone can access not just one state, but shift between all levels on demand.  You need to increase high alpha brainwave activity for information input and then increase theta brainwaves for the storage or recall of that information.

As this research suggests, the sleep cycle where theta levels increase, is an essential part of the learning process.

This research reinforces that the methods of The Brain Training Company are cutting edge and importantly, they work!

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