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Study skills and brainwaves

Today I found an interesting video on the BBC news website. It is a news item looking at a new teaching style – a brain friendly style.

This incorporates short bursts of learning followed by some physical activity. It also discusses the importance of understanding of brainwave activity.

All of this is exciting as it is exactly what I have been teaching to my clients looking to improve their study skills. Periods of learning should be split into smaller blocks. School classes typically last for 40 – 50 minutes. However younger students cannot concentrate for this length of time.

By adding a period of physical activity, this increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain; essential for laying down the information into neural pathways.

Whilst the study of brainwave activity is mentioned, there is no specific mention of the different levels essential to learning.

Have a look at the news report here. It is great to see this subject, which was previously seen as being very “alternative”, becoming much more accepted and mainstream.

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